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About Us

caregiVR is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors and those who care for them.


Our platform builds upon years of collective research on the benefits of VR therapy. Through a headset seniors enjoy immersive, multi-sensory experiences that are safe, evidence-based, and personalized. Our simple interface, allows present and remote caregivers to select and control experiences from our validated library and engage in real-time interaction with a loved one during their session, or simply create a moment of much-needed respite.

Your Team


Chief Executive Officer

Lora Appel, PhD

Geron-technologist with 10+ years of experience designing therapeutic XR.

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health  at York U, having received over $1.5 million

in grants to implement and evaluate

VR for senior-care. Passionate about interventions that are preventative, holistic, and tailored to the individual.

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Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Christopher Smith

Physician-leader with >15 years of acute care experience. Chief and Program Medical Director of the Department of Medicine at Toronto East Health Network, and an Assistant Professor at UofT. Has held grants supporting research on the clinical applications of VR and other technology.

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Morgan Rosenberg

Chief Operating Officer

3x healthcare entrepreneur and data scientist who has participated in accelerators including NEXT Canada and the Biomedical Zone and received awards from key institutions including the Ontario Brain Institute and the Change Foundation. 

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Chief Technology Officer

Josh Mayer

    University of Waterloo Masters in Mathematical Finance and >15 years developing algorithms.


    Director of Programming

    Katherine Bourolias

      Recreational Therapist with decades of experience working with mental health and geriatric populations across a variety of clinical settings.


      Samantha Lewis-Fung

      Director of Operations

      Speech-language-pathologist experienced in managing VR research trials.

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      Lead UX/UI Designer

      Danielle Tchao

      Ten years experience in systems engeering,  coordinator for multiple VR clinical trials with a passion for design

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      Chief Care Advisor

      Ron Beleno

      Global leading advocate for seniors and caregivers. Ron advises internationally on various themes related to dementia, innovation, healthcare, and patient engagement for educational institutions, healthcare organizations, innovators, corporations, and community groups.

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      Julian Copal

      Financial Officer

        Former privacy and security officer for the Ontario Courts of Appeal, with certification in PHI data protection.

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