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What We Can Do Together

Improve Wellbeing

boost mood, sleep, and quality of life by providing stimulating experiences with therapeutic benefits.


Extend Time

Near or far, closer together.

Connects with your loved one

or get a moment of respite.

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Make Memories

Loneliness and isolation are challenges we can help overcome. Create events to look forward to; the future may hold some of your best memories.

How We Do It


Personalized recreation plans designed by our certified VRec-therapists to suit individual likes, needs, and goals.

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Simplified navigation and selection. Remote-control and see the experience at the same time from your mobile device

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We pride ourselves in keeping the human in person-centred care. Whether guided by our VRec-therapists, or inviting family and friends in... virtual experiences, should be social experiences

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Our algorithm is constantly learning, using your real-time data to update our recommendations, optimizing your experience.

What To Expect

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